Clean tech

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 Clean technology refers to measures (products and processes) taken to reduce or eliminate any nuisance, pollution, or waste at the point of production, as well as to help save raw materials, natural resources, and energy, thereby increasing performance, productivity, or efficiency by minimizing negative environmental effects.

Fossil fuel and other unsustainable energy sources have contributed to a 2-degree Celsius rise, which has a number of serious consequences, including ice cap melting, rising sea levels, increased heat waves, droughts, and flash floods, among others.

Cleantech and technologies with low negative environmental and social impact contribute to the systemic shift to a green economy.

  • Most technologies available today are designed to power the fossil fuel economy, making alternative technological solutions to boost productivity across business sectors in the Green Economy critical. 

We are looking for entrepreneurs, students and student groups, and cross-departmental alliances to provide clean-technology solutions addressing processes, products and machinery in the following business sectors; 

  • Agriculture 
  • Real estate and Construction sector 
  • FMCG sector 
  • Travel and Tourism sector 
  • Energy sector 
  • Waste management



Selected applicants receive the following support;

  • Standard 3 months InquMax incubation and lifetime support; 
  • Team development; 
  • Product/Service development; 
  • Business development; 
  • Market development; 
  • Legal support; 
  • Strategic partnerships and 
  • Funding.

Do you have what it takes to lead this charge?