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WHAT WE PROVIDE our founders

We provide founders with $160k support package and funding

  1. Advisory Services: We provide practical advice, guidance, and best practices to help founders through the complexities of creating disruptive and scalable products and services.
  2.  Streamlined Curriculum: We deliver structured lectures that are parallel to the stages and uniqueness of early-stage founders, to ensure focus and growth in the right direction.
  3. Management Training: As a part of our curriculum delivery, we also offer exclusive training to founders (and co-founders) of portfolio startups in key areas such as executive management and leaderships.
  4. Business Development: We assist portfolio founders and startups in closing high-profile strategic collaborations and client deals that are most helpful to the present stages of business as well as onward trajectories by leveraging the firm’s combined social capital.
  5. Product Development: We leverage the best online platforms, tools and resources to help founders in building out prototypes and scalable MVPs. We also set coherent roadmaps and OKRs, in order to assist them gain significant traction in preparation for investor funding.
  6. Team Development: We take the time to understand our portfolio founders’ archetype, map out complimentary abilities, and develop organizational structures in order to lead our methods to acquiring quality and competent talents.
  7. Legal Services: We understand how difficult it is for founders to grasp and deal with the legalities of running a successful venture, so we provide unique legal support both during and after the incubation program.
  8. Expert Coaching and Mentorship: Throughout the incubation period, we use the help of a network of experienced founders and ecosystem builders from a variety of domains and industries to give tips, insights, and recommendations for launching successful businesses on the continent.
  9. Access to Capital: We provide portfolio startups access to potential investors while helping them through the whole fundraising process through Inqumax’s exclusive alliances and mutual relationships with Angel investors, VCs, and other Asset Management organizations.
  10. Continuous Support: We are able to extend our support to graduate portfolio startups by using the grit and enthusiasm of Inqumax’s team and partner organizations to assist them in important areas and various phases of their ventures.


  1. We remain committed to building sustainable startups to drive the socio-economic growth of Africa and beyond. 
  2. We encourage and empower idea stage/first time entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, networks and resources to build successful sustainable startups. 
  3.  A 7% equity for our contribution to your dream.

What makes inqumax different

what we lookout for in founders we accept

InquMax is intrigued by smart and resourceful founders with impactful and scalable technology driven ideas/solutions addressing $bn markets. Priority is given to ideas/solutions that address the factors that cause climate change, with a focus on sustainable impact.

Our geographical focus is Nigeria at launch and we are sector agnostic.

Other Focused Area

Social Enterprise: Given Inqumax’s key attribute of incorporating sustainability practices and processes into the development of sustainable startups and businesses that address the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit, we place a premium on embracing and developing highly impactful social enterprises. We’re looking for founders and entrepreneurs from all sectors who view money as a vehicle for making a significant difference in the world.

Our geographical focus is Nigeria at launch and we are sector agnostic.

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