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Setting the right foundation for scale and exit is critical, but we believe in creating startups that will stand on the shoulders of future generations by building for long-term sustainability.

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The Nigerian healthcare sector, which has mostly demonstrated resiliency during and after Covid, is …


Education in Nigeria and Africa has been a consistent case of an uphill battle – struggling to holds its ground amidst several …


 A mini-manifesto stating the reason we want to drive sustainability in this space.

Globally, food systems are …

clean tech

 Fossil fuel and other unsustainable energy sources have contributed to a 2-degree Celsius rise, which has a number of …

sustainable packaging

Plastics and synthetic plastics are ubiquitous in our daily lives, appearing in everything from grocery bags and cutlery to water …

At Inqumax, we are building a platform for the development of sustainable startups across key industries in order to model sustainable business development.
Ukoha Henry
Founder & General Partner

our manifesto

Startups have a higher survival rate with the right foundations, guidance and mentorship.

First time founders / idea stage founders can build successful businesses with the right mentorship, guidance and resources.

You can find quality founders in Africa at the idea stage with amazing business concept capable of transforming the socio-economic and environmental conditions of their communities while making great returns for investors. 

upcoming event


This event will address how startups can position themselves to attract impact investment, as well as how ESG integration can help.


What Our Incubees Say About Us

It has been a worthwhile experience working with InquMax. The incubator program has benefitted me a lot in terms of planning and executing business in Nigeria.
Working with InquMax has transformed my vision and thoughts from just ideas into a clearer picture.

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